Auguste et Louise is a new concept in photo and video events planning dreamt up by two enthusiasts. Experts in the world of audiovisual and event management, we have the energy and taste to create spectacular and out of the ordinary events using the latest innovations in fixed and animated imagery.

We have dreamt up fun, entertaining events for your brand experience. We’ll create the perfect event solution with unusual and novel content to leave a lasting impression that guests can share and take home with them.

“The important thing is to share something new and exciting”

Your guests become players in a scene ­- this is audience participation at its best ! We create stunning and surprising events to capture your most authentic emotions on camera. Our team is made up of audio visual technicians, facilitators, electronics engineers and encoders who provide events that thrill, excite and delight all the way.

Auguste et Louise, creators of innovative entertainment.

Ever dreamt of floating in space? We can reproduce your movements as if you’re in zero gravity. Happy Freeze makes the impossible possible.

Offer your guests a slow-­motion experience and capture all their e­motions. A fun­-filled workshop, full of smiles and big gestures.

Set up a memories tree centre stage. 3 tablet computers hanging from the tree allow guests to take unusual and creative selfies.

Red carpet, projectors, paparazzi and flash photography. Your guests will feel like stars at the Oscars. Live the dream. The Wow factor to surprise your guests and make them feel a part of your brand.

Hidden in a vintage arcade, the videograph is a photo booth which offers video as well as photos. You can find out what your guests think of your brand.